Enhanced harness coverage for The Creek followers 

Harness fans in Queensland and across Australasia now have access to enhanced sectional data, slicker broadcast graphics and race information as part of Sky Racing’s broadcast and digital platforms, individual clubs, and on Racing Queensland’s website thanks to a joint venture between The Creek and RQ.

A new timing system provided by tripleSdata includes upgraded graphics, using advanced global and local positioning technology, designed and developed in Germany.

The data collected streams harness positioning within a hundredth of a second, providing punters and spectators with never-before-seen data in real time. The system has been operating successfully in Victoria.

Real-time data enables enhanced broadcast graphics on Sky Racing, with detailed sectional reporting on each race and runner available through RQ and club channels soon after the last race.

Each horse is fitted with a satellite-based tag which collects and transmits centimetre accurate positioning and motion data throughout a race.

Punters, owners, trainers, drivers and race officials benefit from key features such as:

The technology is being used at all Albion Park and Redcliffe meetings covered by Sky.

It’s a big win for our code as reliable, accurate, and relevant sectional data is paramount for all harness participants and investors. Watch out from today’s meeting (Tuesday 29th November).

Brad Steele
Chairman | Albion Park Harness Racing Club