From the Callers Box June

As it stands, the big high profile stables from the Shaky Isles aren’t heading our way.


It’s the second straight year!

While some Kiwi connections will take a shot and attempt to gain some of the attractive loot up for grabs, it’s the BIG stables that are missing.

Keeping in mind, there was zero representation last year.

The 2023 Racing Queensland Constellations staged at Albion Park promised to be the best of the best a few months ago, but now suddenly, the lack of engagement from the leading stables is set to leave an obvious and gaping hole.

The obvious question – why?

What’s changed?

Naturally, performance horses can be fickle and given the meticulous demands to have these high-powered equine athletes producing their best requires skill and most of all, luck.

But why are the likes of All Stars (Mark & Nathan Purdon & Natalie Rasmussen), Stonewall Stud (Steve & Amanda Telfer plus Hayden Cullen), Lincoln Farms (Ray Green), Kentuckiana Lodge (Cran, Crissie & Carter Dalgety), Diamond Racing (Robert, John & Jenna Dunn) and Barry Purdon all bypassing Brisbane?

All of the above mentioned outfits are world-class and clearly understand what’s required when campaigning horses here or elsewhere.

So, let’s look for reasons.

Has the change in calendar season made it impossible for these elite stables to have their stars ready in time for their Holy Grail – Cup week in November?

Is it the Queensland weather? Surely you jest.

Is it the lack of opportunities? Not possible given the huge increases RQ has undertaken by introducing new races (particularly trotters) and extra funding, there’s now races for every horse within these stables.

Is the opposition too tough? Has Leap To Fame scared most away with his brilliance and wonderful determination? But how do you know if you don’t take him on? Or is it the Sydney stables of Grimson and McCarthy that are keeping the Kiwis away?

Is the local racing scene too competitive?

Are more ambassadors required on the ground over there to reinforce the message about the Queensland carnival? With more funding?

These are some the questions being posed to me.

As it stands, I don’t have any definitive answers and I’m just as curious as the next person.

And it’s likely to be the same again later in the year given how close the NZ Cup carnival is scheduled to ID23.

Last year, no Kiwi pacers contested the Melbourne Inter Dominion pacing series.

One thing I do know, we need the big Kiwi stables here, they add so much both on and off the track.
We need to right this wrong.

Until next time.