From the Callers Box – June 2024

Does anyone know who’s in and who’s out of the upcoming Constellations features, the Rising Sun and Great Square?

Be honest.

Both features are rapidly approaching! Just weeks away.

Yet, to the rank and file, most have zero idea of who’s starting in the featured events.

Both races are semi-invitational.

Last year, four horses were invited and now, the bulk of the field is being invited this year.

Did you even realise this change was made?

Invitational events create hype and discussion and should easily garner promotion and awareness.

So, are we getting bang for our buck this year?

Maybe both fields should be totally invitational rather than eight of the 12 starters?

Why eight anyway?

And who is part of the selection panel? Who’s making the picks? Is it handicappers, form experts, selected media types or simply administration personnel?

How many make up the selection panel? Is it five, three or is it singular?

Does the selection panel change year on year?

For full transparency, the selection panel should be known prior to the first round of invites being issued, owners deserve that right.

Given the invitational process, should a coordinated effort be in place, so announcements garner total effect via the media, both electronic and print?

Could dates in March, April, May, and June be used to make the invites worthwhile?

For example, the first Wednesday during March, April, May, and June could be declared invitational announcement day so everyone is fully aware and understanding that invites will be issued on these dates.

Given the decline in the sport with mainstream media coverage, this could be a perfect way to remain relevant on a broader scale during our biggest and busiest time of the year.

Maximising all media avenues should be fully exhausted given the importance of these races plus their standing within the Constellations carnival.

As we know, the Constellations has quickly developed into the LEADING carnival on the national stage, so let’s work harder and do better to promote it, to all and sundry, far and wide.

And with added pressure on the Rising Sun given the introduction of the Eureka, more emphasis is certainly required with promotion.

Until next time.