From the Callers Box – March

We’re fresh into 2024.

Now entering the third month of the year, a question needs to be raised.

And it’s a BIG question.

Is Nathan Dawson a ‘lock’ to win the State drivers premiership again?

Can/will he go back-to-back?

Fresh off his record-breaking season in 2023 which netted a Queensland record of 409 victories (413 in total Australia wide), most would assume that trend continues this year.

But, as we know in this industry, guarantees are hard to come by while nothing lasts forever.

Heck, only two years ago Pete McMullen became the first Queensland driver to go beyond 300 winners in a single season and most thought that record would last for some time.

In the end, most were just starting to fully understand the magnitude of the effort before Dawson completely obliterated the mark set by McMullen.

For those needing a refresher, Dawson drove an extra 98 winners compared to McMullen.

The cousins remain the only Queensland based drivers to reach 300 wins or more in a single season.

So, back to the original question, will Dawson win the Premiership race again?

The start to 2024 for Dawson is completely different compared to last year, firstly, he took a well-deserved two-week break following his hectic schedule last year.

The two-week break was required to clear the head, reflect, and then refocus on the current year.

Dawson has made it clear he wants to keep improving, pushing the boundaries, and maintaining his position as the No.1 driver in the state.

As it stands, entering March, Dawson is second behind Angus Garrard in the State premiership race, about a dozen behind, but certainly within striking distance.

But he’s a long way behind where he was positioned twelve months earlier.

It must be said, Garrard has made an absolute flying start to 2024.

When Chris Alford set the record of 456 wins in a single season (2017/18), he managed to win 422 the following season (2018/19).

And when Pete McMullen set the Queensland record of 315 wins (2021), he managed to win the state premiership the following season although he didn’t crack 300, he finished up with 266.

So, the target of 400 or more again looks unlikely but remaining as the No.1 driver in the state is still a distinct possibility.

Dawson will be challenged throughout the year, no doubt, but he’s proven he’s got the mental capacity to accept the challenge that lies ahead.

Bottom line, it’s going to be a fascinating watch throughout the year.


Until next time.